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It’s been over 40 years since the first email was sent. So it’s kind of remarkable to think that a technology that’s almost a half-century old remains one of the most effective ways for marketers to acquire and monetize consumers. It’s no wonder that, despite engagement channels like social and push notifications that are relative babies, marketers stay firmly affixed to email.

Still, while it’s effective for them, many marketers don’t realize that they could increase the power of email substantially.

Strategy and technology are core to maximizing email marketing, and when it comes to technology, not all are created equal. Some are far better at some functionality than others, and some are far better suited for certain types of organizations and goals than others.

In VB’s recent report on email marketing, we investigated nearly 70 email marketing vendors, and in this webinar, we’ll share the most important findings of that exhaustive report – including the best bets for SMB, mid-size, enterprise organizations across industries.

We also surveyed over 1,000 email marketers across a range of company sizes. The findings may surprise you. Nearly 80 percent of email marketers struggle with the basics of maintaining or growing subscribers. Less than 50 percent are actually satisfied with their current email marketing provider.

Our panel of experts, including VB’s industry analyst, will shed light on why people are dissatisfied, what they’re missing, how those who are excelling at email marketing are doing it — and the enormous potential and growth opportunities available.

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What you’ll learn:

  • The tools best suited for your needs
  • Email marketing ROI and how to apply these principles to your business
  • Strategies and core competencies for going from good to great with your email program
  • What technology is available to help grow and maintain your list, and develop new methods for email subscriber acquisition
  • Where the industry is headed, and how you need to prepare


Jon Cifuentes Industry Analyst, VentureBeat Insight

Jake Maas EVP, Business Operations, LivingSocial

Bobby Uhlenbrock CTO, EverythingButTheHouse

This webinar is made possible in part by the support of Message Systems. All research was conducted in advance and entirely independent.