Wires are always getting in the way. So Michael McCarthy decided to design some high-end smartphone earbuds — dubbed T-Rex — that are completely wireless. The Bluetooth-enabled earphones are off to a good start in a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo,¬†exceeding the company’s target in little more than a week.

The earphones from T-Rex Holdings were created so you can end your fight with cords, eliminate tangles, and enjoy music wherever you want with noise-isolating quality.

“Ours is unlike any others out there now because there are no wires,” said McCarthy, in an interview with VentureBeat.

The company has raised more than $60,000 in eight days in its Indiegogo campaign, beating its goal of $50,000 with more than 38 days to go.

McCarthy, who just graduated from college, designed the earphones over the past couple of years while in school in Virginia.

“I was always running, working out, and training,” he said. “And the headphone wires would always fall out. Or the phone would drop off the treadmill.”

He has since moved to San Francisco in a bid to get T-Rex to the market. The earphones were designed by Carl Masters, former senior engineer at Martin Logan, and McCarthy has access to a team of about 20 people.

“We put so much time on the front end, and we’ve filed for patents on the design,” McCarthy said. “We didn’t want to cut any corners and have done everything the way it should be done from day one.”

The T-Rex will connect via Bluetooth to an iPhone or Android device, and it will work with all iPhones and iPods. It works with Android 5.1 Lollipop devices as well.

McCarthy said the earphones cover the full range of the audio spectrum, and they are ergonomically designed to fit the contour of your ear. They are soft and comfortable, McCarthy said.


T-Rex is fully wireless.

Above: T-Rex is fully wireless.

Image Credit: Michael McCarthy/T-Rex

McCarthy said that he is about to lock in manufacturing so the company can start delivering initial units to its key supporters. The final product is expected to sell for $300.

The device charges via a USB cable. The device has a built-in microphone, noise cancellation, a capacitive touch swipe control for volume, pausing, and answering phone calls. It will include different-sized memory foam ear tips and an over-the-ear design for comfort. It is expected to have 10 hours of battery life.

The left ear bud connects via Bluetooth to the right one, and that one connects via Bluetooth to your smartphone.

“We’re a first mover with this design, and we hope we can grab a lead the way that Pebble did with its smartwatch,” said McCarthy.

Options for colors include Pearl White, Magneto Silver, Jet Black, and Special Edition Gold.

T-Rex earphones don't get in your way.

Above: T-Rex earphones don’t get in your way.

Image Credit: Michael McCarthy/T-Rex