At least one company isn’t scared to charge a premium for its mobile releases.

Square Enix announced today that Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation is available on the iOS and Android platforms, priced at $15. This is a port of a Nintendo DS release of the same name, which was a remake itself of the original Super Nintendo role-playing game. This release has Square Enix continuing its line of premium priced mobile re-releases of some of its most treasured back catalog. The Japanese company has sold over 65 million units from the Dragon Quest franchise to date.

Realms of Revelation has players journeying across two parallel worlds in a lengthy role-playing adventure, complete with a selection of mini games starring the series’ happy-faced slime mascot.

This mobile version has modified controls that allow for play in a mobile device’s vertical position — a rarity for this kind of role-playing game port. It also features a new file function that will let players save their game at any time.

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