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The upstart U.S. wireless carrier T-Mobile announced today that it’s rolling out a new leasing program called Jump On-Demand to let users upgrade their smartphone as often as three times a year.

The new plan boasts that mobile customers can walk into a T-Mobile store and walk out with a new smartphone without paying any fees or taxes, plus have the ability to upgrade whenever they want for free. The cost of the phone will be wrapped into customers’ monthly bill. The Jump On-Demand plan will be available starting June 28.

T-Mobile is also pushing a new limited-time iPhone 6 deal. For $15 a month, customers can get an iPhone 6 with 16GB when they trade in their current smartphone.

The news is the latest chapter in T-Mobile’s ongoing “Uncarrier” story.

Last December, T-Mobile launched its Data Stash program, which allows subscribers to roll over and save their unused data. Before that, the carrier announced that soon all its phones will be able to seamlessly hand off calls from its LTE network to available Wi-Fi networks. Apple announced that its two new phones, the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus, will support that hand-off.

The carrier’s Music Freedom program, announced in June 2014, allows T-Mobile subscribers to listen to their favorite music service (be it Spotify or Pandora or a number of others) without having it count against their monthly data cap. The program was initially rolled out last June, along with a new Rhapsody-powered T-Mobile music service.