Apple on Friday morning released the latest version of its Yosemite desktop OS, 10.10.4.

As Andrew Cunningham over at Ars Technica points out, the update is the third and final one for OS 10.10. The previous update, 10.10.3, came roughly three months ago.

The chief upgrade in the release is the replacement of the discoveryd DNS service, which was causing connectivity problems for some users. Apple said the fix will add “network reliability” to some systems. The DNS new service is called mDNSresponder, and is said to be more stable. The discoveryd service was introduced with OS Yosemite.

Among the many bug fixes in the new release, the Migration Assistant gets some usability improvements, some trouble connecting external monitors is remedied, and a bug that was preventing outgoing mail messages from sending gets zapped.

Finally, the Cloud Photo Library and the Photos app also get some performance improvements with the new release.

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