When deciding what content to present and which ads to serve, screen size matters.

In 2015 there will be 2 billion smartphones worldwide. Those smartphone users will spend on average 3 hours per day on their mobile devices — more time than they spend on TV, let alone the desktop. So what does that mean for your brand?

As this mobile audience segment grows, a company’s branding, content discovery, and engagement strategy for mobile has to evolve. In March 2015, for example, Forbes Media acquired the photo-sharing app Camerama, whose technology Forbes is using to build a platform of apps — including one focused on its “30 Under 30” franchise.

Nearly 50 percent of Forbes.com’s traffic comes from a mobile device — 40 percent smartphones, 10 percent tablet. Today, Forbes has 18 million smartphone-only visitors, more than Forbes.com’s total audience five years ago. Nearly 65 percent of this smartphone audience is made up of millennials under age 35.

During a fireside chat at MobileBeat 2015 (which is coming up on July 13 and 14), Mark Howard, chief revenue officer of Forbes Media, will discuss how Forbes is adapting to this increasingly millennial and mobile audience, and offering marketers new opportunities to engage with them. This fireside chat will cover:

  • Mobile audience trends for media companies
  • How Forbes is creating mobile-first products to engage this new consumer
  • New ways Forbes is working to monetize this growing audience segment
  • The role of social in this new mobile-led world
  • Mobile web vs. apps business opportunities

To hear from Howard first-hand about what Forbes is doing and how you can apply those lessons to your business, register now for MobileBeat. We’ll see you in San Francisco!