It’s all about Mii.

Nintendo’s Miiverse, a social network integrated within the company’s Wii U and 3DS systems, is getting new features later this summer. These include a personal screenshot album and a play journal, which lets you keep a record of your gameplay experiences by accessing Miiverse during a game.

The regular Miiverse is also getting a redesign, which will categorize posts between journals, drawings, and discussions. You can see more of the upcoming redesign over at Nintendo’s site.

The Miiverse isn’t really an answer to PlayStation and Xbox’s online services, which focus on connecting groups of players for online gaming. Instead, Miiverse is almost like a Nintendo version of Twitter, allowing people to post short messages or pictures to different sections based on different games. Miiverse posts can sometimes even appear in-game, as they do in New Super Mario Bros. U and Splatoon. Miiverse originally launched with the Wii U in November 2012. It was later added to the 3DS on December 2013.