PlayStation 4 is dominating the console war in Europe.

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe president Jim Ryan says that the PlayStation 4 has market leadership in “every country in Europe.” Ryan told VG24/7 that the console’s market share is no less than 70 percent in any European country, and it’s “frequently greater than 90 percent” in parts of the continent.

It’s a clear indication that Sony — with over 22.3 million PS4 sales worldwide — has won the battle for European gamers this console generation, barring a major turnaround in fortunes for Microsoft’s Xbox One. With console gaming worth $55 billion worldwide and Europe representing a significant part of that market, it’s a big early victory in the global console war.

Microsoft is traditionally safer on home soil — its Xbox 360 console outsold PlayStation 3 in North America last console generation but came second in Japan and Continental Europe — but PlayStation 4 is also outperforming Xbox One in the United States. The margin of difference is likely smaller, though, and Xbox One recently outsold PlayStation 4 in the U.S. this April, according to figures from research firm NPD. That trend reverted to type in May, however.

Industry analyst Strategy Analytics predicts that PlayStation 4 will go on to replicate the success of the PlayStation 2 — the best-selling games console of all time with over 155 million lifetime sales. It predicts that PlayStation 4 will sell 80 million units by 2019, compared to 57 million Xbox One sales.

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