Now that the importance of selfies is well understood, Sony has filed a patent on mobile technology that takes selfies continually, and even picks out the good ones for us.

The patent outlines a way for a phone, camera, or augmented reality device (like Google Glass) to take photos of the user continually throughout the day and night. The images are sent over a secure network to a server that processes them. The software then detects the emotional states displayed in each photo, and tags them as such.

Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 3.53.03 PMThen it’s possible to search for all the happy moments throughout the day, for example, or all the sad ones. All the selfies that show a blank expression could be filtered out. The technology also offers ways of creating timelines of various emotional events — represented by images — throughout the day.

The system takes photos of the user during sleep, which might reveal some useful things about sleep quality and patterns. Or it might just be creepy.

There are some glaring privacy concerns with the technology. With so many selfies being shot and sent over a network, the target for would-be image thieves gets much bigger.

Research courtesy of SmartUp Legal.

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