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No one anticipated the meteoric rise of the smartphone and its sweeping change on consumer behavior. Any advertiser still stuck in conventional ad buys — including desktop — risks becoming irrelevant and losing market share to those who get the mobile ad ecosystem.

But ‘getting’ that system means having an iron-clad stomach to digest all the strategic options as well as the ad tech proliferation that’s exploded over the past five years. Whether you’re a brand or an agency, the risks are as great as the opportunities. Maybe that’s why Mary Meeker identified that the industry is still under-spending on mobile ads by $25 billion in her 2015 report.

It’s also why VB Insight undertook a massive investigation into the mobile ad space — to help advertisers understand who’s killing it, and how.

Video ads, location targeting, lookalike marketing, coordinated campaigns, native advertising, rewarded video, mobile programmatic: how do they all fit together, and what are consumers really responding to when they’re interactiving with their mobile devices?

In addition to combing through data from dozens of studies with over 500 million ad impressions, we went straight to the end-consumer and surveyed over 1,500 Americans. And we learned, when done right, mobile advertising works. With the right targeting, message, and timing, we found that 49 percent of consumers will at minimum pay attention to the ad, 24 percent will check out the advertised product, and 10 percent will buy or consider buying it.

The report provides the 12 best ways to win in the complex mobile ad ecosystem, the five ways to lose, and includes a quick-start playbook.

But in this one-hour webinar, you can cut to the chase. VB’s VP of Research John Koetsier will take you through the most important takeaways and highlights of the report, equipping you with an essential crash course in mobile advertising.

John will be joined by two marketing veterans who are working in the mobile trenches and will share real-world experiences: Anne-Marie Kline from beauty and hair-care company Living Proof (co-owned by Jennifer Aniston), and Amanda O’Brien from JiffyLube/Shell.

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What you’ll learn:

  • Strategies from major players in the mobile ad networks to increase engagement
  • The many ways fraud can wreak havoc on your mobile ad strategy
  • The best practices in mobile advertising
  • How to drive huge engagement with one mobile concept you’re probably not doing today


John Koetsier, VP Research, VentureBeat
Anne-Marie Kline, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Living Proof
Amanda O’Brien, eMarketing Manager, JiffyLube/Shell