Five months ago, you may remember, the sports apparel and technology company Under Armour acquired two companies — the fitness app company Endomondo and the food tracker app maker MyFitnessPal.

Since then Under Armour has begun making the Endomondo and MyFitnessPal apps talk to each other in order to boost the appeal of both. The companies announced a few days ago that users of the Endomondo app can now access their MyFitnessPal food data without having to leave the Endomondo app.

Inter-app integration is one way to deliver “surprise and delight” moments for users. Creating those moments is one of the main themes of VentureBeat’s MobileBeat conference, being held July 13-14 in San Francisco. Tickets still remain; sign up here.

MyFitnessPal has been a chart-topping health app for a long time. And it has continued to grow since its acquisition by Under Armour. MyFitnessPal had between 80 million and 85 million users back in February when the deal was announced, and it has around 90 million today, a company spokesperson said.

One element of MyFitnessPal’s success is a very robust content program. The content, which MyFitnessPal says is largely driven by its users, stretches from the mobile app to the company blog to its email communications with users.

Part of the job of MyFitnessPal marketing VP Tara-Nicholle Nelson (who will be speaking at MobileBeat July 13) is to export MyFitnessPal’s engagement success to the other apps in the larger Under Armour suite.

Under Armour has its own app, called UA Record, which provides a social network for fitness buffs, as well as tools for collecting, analyzing, and sharing fitness data. It also owns another app, MapMyFitness, which does many of the things UA Record does, with the addition of a food tracker.