You should check out live video of my sick DomiNations skills — and you could do just that if I owned certain Sony-branded smartphones.

The Japanese technology conglomerate Sony and Twitch are announcing today that people who own a Xperia Z3+ or Xperia Z4 can start broadcasting live gameplay of any game on their phones to the Twitch website. It will also work on the Xperia Z4v once it launches later this year. This is a first for Twitch on mobile, which has previously only worked on phones when developers built Twitch software into their iOS releases. Live gameplay video is a booming sector with more 1.5 million people using Twitch to share videos. And mobile is one of the fastest-growing areas of this market. Now, Twitch and Sony are trying to capitalize on that.

If you’re wondering why this is only coming to Sony phones, however, that’s because this isn’t really a Twitch app. Sony Mobile developed it specifically for its devices in partnership with the gaming-video giant.

This is a nearly identical situation to the Twitch broadcasting that is built into the Nvidia Shield tablet. That app enables you to select and broadcast video from any game running on the device directly to your Twitch channel. But that’s a tablet and Sony’s only enabling this on smartphones, so technically this is still a “first.”

In a statement, Twitch business development boss Brooke Van Dusen said that “the Twitch community is now prevalent on every major platform.”

And while that is true, it definitely faces more competition in the mobile space than it does on consoles and PC. For example, while Twitch has the aforementioned 1.5 million broadcasters across all devices, the gameplay-recording company Kamcord — which is only on mobile — is right behind it with 1.3 million. And Kamcord has expressed a desire to get into livestreaming as well.

So while Twitch tiptoes into mobile, it’ll likely face a real fight once it shows up in earnest with its own, in-house developed broadcasting solution for iOS and Android.