If you’re the impatient type, this might be the kind of video game store for you.

Boondogl is calling itself the first “platform agnostic” video game marketplace. When it’s available this spring, users can buy games and begin playing them immediately without downloads or plugins. It uses native web technology, such as HTML5 and WebGL, and requires no streaming (which means little or no lag).

“Boondogl will work on virtually any platform, meaning gamers can play their favorite titles across console and mobile via the Boondogl app and on computer.” Boondogl creator Kermdinger Studios noted in a fact sheet sent to GamesBeat. “Players can buy a game once in the Boondogl store and play it on whatever device they currently have. Boondogl also allows gamers to play with their friends across different platforms. At launch, Boondogl will work on PC, Mac, and Linux with mobile, console, and VR headset support coming by next spring.”

Notable digital game stores, such as Steam and GOG, have people download their games in order to play them. Some, such as the now defunct OnLive, streamed games via cloud computing. Boondogl is unique in that it requires neither.

If you’re skeptical of how exactly Boondogl’s technology works, you can try a game demo yourself.