It’s nice when people can get along, and gamers can look to the executives of Sony and Microsoft for some role models when it comes to treating others in a friendly manor.

Microsoft’s head of Xbox Phil Spencer has taken to Twitter to express his admiration for some of the top brass in charge of the PlayStation brand, and he even went on to explain why he feels that way in the first place. In a tweet, Spencer shared a clip of Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida playing the PlayStation 4 exclusive Bloodborne. He noted that it was “very cool” to watch Yoshida, who over sees all Sony published games, play something that he was involved in.

It was a seemingly human moment from an executive in an industry that is often hesitant and even scared to acknowledge the competition.

When a fan expressed how pleased he was to see the public face of a gaming company behaving like a grownup, Spencer explained why he has so much respect for Yoshida. It comes down to Spencer’s belief that gaming and the industry as a whole are in a better position when the people in charge actually play games, which was not always the case.

This isn’t the first time that we’ve seen Xbox and PlayStation get along under Spencer and Yoshida. The two companies have repeatedly congratulated the other after big demonstrations at events like the Electronic Entertainment Expo or when each company launched their latest consoles in November 2013.

This sort of professionalism deflates some of the fanboy rage we see among some pockets of gamers. It instead puts the emphasis on the games and enjoying the hobby itself — although I do kinda miss the snarky back-and-forth we got during the Sega and Nintendo days.