Sony’s PlayStation Network doesn’t always work that well, and gamers have spent much of today trying to let the company know that they want something better.

Gamers on the forum NeoGAF organized a hashtag campaign and website called #BetterPSN to petition Sony to improve its online infrastructure with basic functionality. And now, the company is letting fans know that it hears them.

“Feedback from our community is very important to us and helps guide our ongoing commitment toward making PlayStation the best place to play,” a Sony spokesperson said in a statement provided to GamesBeat. “We encourage users to submit ideas on ways to improve PlayStation products and services here: We appreciate the dialogue we have with our gamers and have built and improved features based directly on their input.”

While it will likely satisfy some fans to hear that Sony is listening to them, the company did not directly address any of the #BetterPSN’s specific requests. They are as follows:

  • Two-factor authentication for better security
  • An online-status option to make it appear you are offline or invisible even when you are playing PSN games.
  • Notifications for when people come online and offline.
  • The capability to send video gameplay clips to friends through PSN.
  • Better organization and browsing options for downloads and library.
  • Other bug fixes.

A lot of these capabilities are standard on other gaming services like Steam or Xbox Live. Now, it’s Sony’s turn to embrace these features.