We’re throwing a party and we’d like you to come. MobileBeat 2015 is Monday and Tuesday July 13-14 in downtown San Francisco and it’s almost full up.

Currently over 900 people are coming.

That includes attendees from brands like Adidas and Staples, and tech heavyweights such as Twitter, Google, and Facebook. Top leaders from Microsoft, Vevo, Airbnb, BitTorent, Lyft, Walmart, and hundreds of other companies will also participate.

Some of the MobileBeat 2015 speakers

Above: Some of the MobileBeat 2015 speakers

We’ll be talking about cutting-edge themes like hyper-personalization, growth hacking and user acquisition, the mobile video explosion that we’re seeing right now, and the art of mobile design. Walking us through the newest parts of that territory will be an all-star cast of speakers from mobile-native companies like Flipboard, Pandora, Evernote, and OpenTable, plus enterprises that are starting to fully exploiting mobile, such as Visa, MGM, Fedex, Sephora, and Home Depot.

StubHub will be there. Deezer. Chegg. Ancestry.com, Machine Zone, Forbes, Flipkart, and Starwood Hotels all have representatives there sharing their stories.

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But it’s not just about the speakers. It’s about the attendees from top-flight startups and major Silicon Valley technology names. It’ll be an elite crowd, and there’s typically even more learning and networking in the hallways than in the sessions.

While we currently have over 900 attendees, we still have some room. (For you.)

There’s room for a few more to join the crowd and not miss the party. So we’re releasing a few more tickets over the weekend and offering them at a 20 percent yeah-sure-it’s-last-minute-but-we-still-love-you discount.

Meet the VB writers

Just about the entire VB editorial team will be in attendance, including Harrison Weber, Jordan Novet, Mark Sullivan, Ken Yeung, and more.

MobileBeat is a good opportunity to say hi, establish a personal relationship, and (gently) pitch any upcoming announcements or news you might have … or to get their front-line opinions on the latest trends in mobile.

Meet the VB research team

Stewart Rogers, one of our analysts

Above: Stewart Rogers, one of our analysts

The VB research team, led by yours truly and including Stewart Rogers (who is MCing), Jon Cifuentes, Andrew Jones, and Wendy Schuchart, will be there as well.

It’s a good opportunity to find out what’s coming up next from VB in research, and chat to the analysts about what they see coming up soon in marketing technology, which is our first research focus at VB.

Meet all the other press

We also have a huge contingent of other press at MobileBeat.

That includes reporters and editors from the WSJ, CBS, IDG, C|Net, eWeek, Business Insider, and Re/Code, plus writers from the Financial Times, the Examiner, and the MIT Technology Review.

We’d love to see you there to join the party.

Get your last-minute ticket right here. Don’t forget your 20 percent off code: VBFriends20.