A house divided against itself cannot stand. Companies can’t remain divided on their customer strategy and succeed, but surprisingly many still treat mobile as second fiddle, even though their customers start on mobile every day.

A mobile-centric world is our reality today. This critical platform shift should weigh heavily on the minds of all companies that have something to lose. Company leaders need to transform their organization from top to bottom to focus on delighting customers and achieving performance-driven results — and nowhere is that more true than in mobile.

We’re diving into this topic and more at MobileBeat on July 13 – 14 in San Francisco. In an hour-long session on Monday titled “Leadership and culture: Driving a mobile-centric mentality across the organization,” mobile thought leaders from FedEx, StubHub, Universal Mind, Deezer, and BlackRock will be exploring this topic: the future of mobile and the future of business success.

Speakers include:

  • John Jackson, VP of Strategy, Planning, Engineering, Innovation, and Customer Identity, FedEx
  • David Tucker, VP of Experience Technology, Universal Mind
  • Parag Vaish, Head of Mobile, StubHub
  • Tyler Goldman, CEO, Deezer
  • Sareena Dalla, VP of Digital, BlackRock