It’s true that fast-growing mobile companies are built with smart design, calculations of user acquisition costs, and shrewd promotion.

But before all that tech and strategy, huge mobile success requires a compelling “story,” one that can be clearly articulated at key moments for the customer.

We’re going to be talking about the art of storytelling at MobileBeat 2015, our event in SF on Monday and Tuesday, in several sessions.

The cliche example here is Uber. You need a quick ride across town and don’t have your car with you? Well, just whip out your phone, push a single button to order a car, and Uber meets your need when you were thinking of it in that moment. Not only that, but as you wait for it to arrive, Uber shows you where the approaching car is on the map, each time you get the urge to look.

That’s one reason Uber became one of the most valuable mobile-first companies on the planet (more than $40 billion) in a matter of just six years.

At MobileBeat, we’ve invited a host of speakers to talk about how they’re also using storytelling to drive their mobile growth.

First, Julie Atkinson, senior vice president of global digital, Starwood Hotels, will discuss how Starwood is engaging with customers at key points of their travel journey — including arriving and staying at the hotel, but also before and afterward — through loyalty efforts.

We’ll also have an hour-long session devoted to storytelling, led by Marlene Williamson, CEO of Watermark, formerly the CMO of companies like Alfresco, BigMachines (sold to Oracle), and Hitachi Global Storage Technologies.

Also speaking during the session are the following:

  • John Bollen, chief digital officer, MGM Resorts International
  • Rob Singer, chief marketing officer of
  • Rob Gelick, SVP and general manager of digital platforms, CBS Interactive
  • Robin Joy, VP of web & mobile, DocuSign

These executives know they need to spend more time than ever articulating their narrative and tailoring it to mobile. Only then do they know which customers to pursue, tech to use, and marketing strategy to spend against.

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