Uncluttered, highly engaging, commanding higher shares of on-screen time and direct access to the most direct push communications ever. … Messaging apps are to mobile what mobile has been to the web. And their potential is far from being fully realized.

The ecosystem has started to consolidate in some geographies and large Internet players acquired some of the top apps, but for most the business models are still in the exploration phases. They are carefully testing new formats to let brands and advertisers engage with their audiences without compromising the integrity of the experience. In doing so they redefine the very notion of how brands can — or should — advertise, and force them to think of more genuine conversations around content rather than one-way broadcast approaches.

Will the U.S. follow in the tracks of China, where mobile chat apps allow users to also conduct transactions like ordering a taxi straight from the chat? How are the millions of mobile IM apps users different from the other audiences on digital media, and what are the best ways to engage them? How can they be integrated within a consistent digital strategy?

At MobileBeat, leaders from top mobile messaging apps and agencies making the most of the platforms will discuss these emerging opportunities — how they see brands interacting with their audiences, the approaches that work, and what the future holds when brands not only provide content but also services directly from chat apps.


  • Eric Setton, CTO and Cofounder, Tango.Me
  • Devrin Carlson-Smith, Head of Strategic Development – Brands and Agencies, Kik
  • Russell Ward, President, Massively
  • Ari Roisman, CEO, Glide
  • Moderator: Marc Parrish, Parrish Advisors

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