Since last week Thursday, the UK-based PC gaming retailer GMG has been running its 2015 Summer sale. Day Eight is turning out to be possibly the best day of deals thus far with a theme of complete packs, collections, and franchise packs. Discounts are up to 84% off after coupon on around 120 PC titles. You can check out the full list of Day 8 deals here or browse our top picks below.

Leading the pack as the best deal in the sale is the Valve Complete Pack for only $20 after coupon. That crushes the $100 you’d normally find the pack go for on Steam. The pack contains 24 popular Valve games, including Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – always a top seller on Steam and normally $15 by itself. If you bought each of these 24 games separately at full price, you’d pay over $200. Today you pay $20.

GMG is not done there with the Valve Complete pack. In addition to the huge discount, you get a bonus “free mystery game” included. The free game is only an indie Steam key title like Rush Bros. – worth no more than $9.99, but still a nice gesture from GMG.


Valve Complete Pack + Free Mystery Game (Steam) — $20 (list $100)
Stardock Complete Pack (Steam) — $18.23 (list $114)
Tomb Raider Collection (Steam) — $16 (list $80)
Bioshock Triple Pack + Free Mystery Game (Steam) — $14 (list $70)
Counter Strike Complete + Free Mystery Game (Steam) — $12 (list $30)
1C World War II Collection (Steam) — $12 (list $60)
Killing Floor Complete Pack (Steam) — $10 (list $50)
Sacred Franchise Pack (Steam) — $10 (list $50)
Darksiders Franchise Pack (Steam) — $9.60 (list $60)
Deponia: The Complete Journey (Steam) — $8 (list $40)
Half Life Complete (Steam) — $8 (list $40)
Red Faction Collection (Steam) — $7.20 (list $60)
Spellforce Complete (Steam) — $7.20 (list $60)
Deus Ex Collection (Steam) — $6.60 (list $33)
Theatre of War Collection (Steam) — $6.40 (list $40)
1C Strategy Collection (Steam) — $5.60 (list $35)
1C War Games Collection (Steam) — $5.60 (list $35)
Alan Wake Collector’s Edition (Steam) — $5.60 (list $35)
Chivalry: Complete Pack (Steam) — $5.60 (list $35)
The Orange Box (Steam) — $4 (list $20)
Saints Row: The Third The Full Package + Free Mystery Game (Steam) — $4 (list $20)
Just Cause Collection (Steam) — $3.80 (list $19)

These deals are good for today only, as a new batch shows up every 24 hours at 8 AM Pacific. If you miss anything seen here today, it’s likely that deal will return in the inevitable encore sale on July 23 – the last day of GMG’s 2015 Summer Sale.