Ashley Madison, a dating site for adulterers with 37 million users, was hacked last night. Now, as the site’s hackers threaten to leak nude photos and “secret sexual fantasies,” an official email has surfaced calling Ashley Madison “the last truly secure space on the Internet.”

Dripping in irony, the email was sent by a former Ashley Madison PR representative on November 11, 2014, according to blogger-pundit Robert Scoble. It was pitched in response to “major personal data breaches like celebrity photo leaks.” Oof.


Above: Via Robert Scoble

The statement above certainly looks brash now, as the once IPO-bound company faces the near-impossible task of convincing “would-be adulterers” that their secrets are still somewhat safe online.

Reached by VentureBeat, the author of the email, former Ashley Madison PR representative Teena Touch, said the email was “endorsed by the company.” We’ve reached out to Ashley Madison directly for comment.

Today marks the second major security breach for an adult dating site this year. In May Adult Friend Finder, a similar site, was hacked.