Sony should give this guy a job.

Serial modder Eddie Zarick has made one of his best creations yet. It’s a Star Wars-themed gaming laptop built to an R2-D2 theme — complete with realistic sound effects — with a PlayStation 4 console and monitor at its core. Zarick creates these custom gaming machines to order in his spare time, and he previously built the PlayBox that combines both a PlayStation 4 and an Xbox One.

Zarick’s ingenuity in crafting these custom systems is a great example of the creativity at work within the gaming community. This particular machine is something that he just built out of love, and it sadly isn’t available to order — at least not yet. It would be perfect to complement the launch of the highly anticipated shooter Star Wars: Battlefront this November, though.

In the meantime, Zarick’s PlayBox hybrid is available to order, but it’ll set you back a hefty $2,600. A standard PlayBook 4 — featuring a PlayStation 4 and monitor — costs $1,500, while the Xbox One equivalent is $1,400.

Zarick says the R2-D2 Playbook is by far his favorite creation yet, and I have to agree. It features 3D-printed buttons and designs along with some really neat sound effects and lights. R2-D2 makes his familiar whistles when you boot him up, and there’s a button at the side of the machine to make him talk some more.

You can watch it all in action below:

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