[Updated 8:42 am July 27: CEO Julie Uhrman has departed].

Razer’s living on the Ouya edge.

The gaming hardware company confirmed today that it had purchased Ouya’s software assets. Ouya was a Kickstarter success story that created a microconsole that allowed players to download more than 1,124 Android games. We originally reported that Razer acquired Ouya last month (which an investment bank confirmed), saying it would cost Razer $10 million to buy the struggling company.

Julie Uhrman, the founding chief executive of Ouya, tweeted, “Ouya was a once in the lifetime experience. Now I’m off to find the next. Stay tuned.”

Razer specifically mentions that it bought Ouya’s software assets, which means it won’t continue making or selling the actual Ouya console. That makes sense, since it has its own Android-based microconsole, the Forge TV. However, this purchase will allow Razer to make Ouya’s digital offerings, including its store, available on its products. Razer has even said that it’ll help Ouya users make a “clear path of migration to the more advanced Forge TV.”

Ouya raised an astounding $8.6 million via Kickstarter in 2012. However, the actual console was never a big sales success.