San Francisco-based startup Occipital, which makes 3D sensing hardware and software, said today it’s collected a new $13 million round of venture funding. The funds come from Intel Capital, Shea Ventures, and Grishin Robotics, and existing investor Foundry Group.

Occipital’s first product was a 3D sensor that scans objects and rooms in 3D. The Structure Sensor was launched in 2013 as a Kickstarter project. Occipital has built a software developer kit (SDK) that lets developers use the sensor to develop apps and games with 3D imagery and augmented reality.

The Occipital product is finding a niche in the enterprise market. “Our hardware and software platform is being increasingly adopted in industries including medicine, architecture, visual effects, and 3D printing, and by industry leaders like 3D Systems, ILM, and many others,” said Occipital cofounder and CEO Jeff Powers.

“We’ve also recently started to show how our technology will impact virtual and augmented reality,” Powers added.

Powers said the new funds will be used to further develop the platform, and to market it to more enterprises.

Currently, Occipital makes and supports the Structure Sensor and SDK, as well as the 360 Panorama app for iOS.