Twitter officially launches its new universal app for Windows 10 today, and while it doesn’t hold too many surprises, it may hold one trump card: You can view tweets directly in the Start menu.

Windows 10 is Microsoft’s attempt to win fans back again, with an operating system that works across both desktop and mobile platforms — a feature it hopes can lure more developers on board.

Twitter is an important app for Microsoft and Windows, though the new app is somewhat basic. You can upload up to four images in a tweet, and the app supports Vine playback and animated GIFs.

However, the app does seem to be missing key features, including pull-to-refresh and “Quote Tweet” — an increasingly popular facet of Twitter in other clients.

While the Twitter web client will suffice for many, perhaps the star attraction in the new app is being able to view tweets directly in Live tiles from the Start menu — a much-loved facet of Windows that Microsoft has brought back following the “lukewarm” reception garnered by Windows 8.

Live Tiles are essentially interactive squares that live on the Windows home screen on Windows Phone and the “Metro” section of Windows 8. They can show real-time updates, including breaking news, fitness data, weather, stock prices, and — now — tweets in your Start menu.

Twitter and Live Tiles

Above: Twitter and Live Tiles

Image Credit: Twitter

Given that the Start menu is a frequently visited part of Windows, Live Tiles will be a key part of Microsoft’s pitch to developers: They can now push their apps (and content) front-and-center.

Windows 10 is rolling out to users from today, but if you’ve yet to receive the update, you can force it now.