The world needs more action role-playing games that play like Diablo but do a pallet swap for characters like Wolverine. The Marvel universe has two of those (one for mobile, and one for PC), and the smartphone version is finally getting one of the genres most basic features.

You can now play cooperatively with your friends in Marvel: Future Fight for iOS and Android. South Korean publisher Netmarble Games, which developed and operates the superhero beat-’em-up, is pushing out an update today that will enable you to play online with up to two other people. This means that you, Ant-Man, can take out the villainous Yellowjacket with the help of your avenging buddies who can control characters like Captain America and Iron Man.

The addition of online co-op is a crucial to the continued health of a game like Future Fight. Its gameplay — like most action-RPGs — is about grinding through enemies and levels, and that is far more fun when you are playing with others.

And you shouldn’t have any trouble finding said others. Future Fight is one of the biggest new mobile releases of the year. It launched in April, and it has already surpassed more than 20 million downloads worldwide. In May, it reached No. 1 on the download chart in the hugely important┬áSouth Korean market. In the U.S., it got as high as No. 13.

With the worldwide appeal of the Marvel brand behind it, the game should have a long tail as long as it keeps pleasing fans. So far, Netmarble has done exactly that.

After more than 650,000 reviews on the Google Play store, for example, Future Fight has an average rating of 4.5 stars out of 5. That is about as high as a game with that many reviews can get.