Rosa Labs, the startup that once aimed to replace food, just launched preorders for its latest product: Soylent 2.0.

The new potion (still reminiscent of Soylent Green) is now powered by “algae sources” and will start shipping October 15 prebottled for those of us ambitious enough to preorder.

With the launch of version 2.0, Rosa Labs continues to downplay its original goal:  to make normal food obsolete, aside from special occasions. Instead the company describes Soylent today as a bottled drink that “frees customers from crowded lunch lines at fast food restaurants and ends feelings of mid-morning hunger after inadequate breakfasts.”

Here’s the new bottle with a bowl of perfectly normal strawberries:

Soylent 2.0

In other words, don’t give up food for Soylent 2.0 … or don’t hold the company responsible if you do. You can preorder it here, or give the previous iteration, Soylent 1.5, a spin.