Google today announced that its Cloud Deployment Manager service is now available for anyone to use on the Google Cloud Platform. It’s a managed service — no need to install it atop the Google cloud — that operations people can use to automate the process of setting up cloud infrastructure for applications to run on.

“Setting up all the cloud resources for your application can be a daunting task,” technical program manager Chris Crall wrote in a blog post today. “Once you decide what you need, you want the process for creating them to be easy, repeatable and controlled. This is particularly important if you have multiple developers or administrators that need to set up copies or variations of the same configuration.”

The service first became available in beta in May.

Alternative configuration management systems come from venture-backed startups like Puppet, Chef, Ansible, and SaltStack. But none of them was built exclusively with the Google cloud infrastructure in mind.

The tool is just one more thing that companies can use when they start building and running software on the Google public cloud. Competing clouds from Amazon, IBM, and Microsoft, among others, are also getting new features all the time. Microsoft earlier this year announced support for templates in the Azure Resource Manager.

Google’s Cloud Deployment Manager is free to use, according to the documentation for the service, but of course it does cost money when you provision Google cloud infrastructure with it.

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