Gowalla founder Josh Williams has announced that he is shuttering his latest startup, The Last Guide Company. In a Medium post, he explained that the team “failed to execute on our original vision.”

If you’re not familiar with Last, it was a startup aimed at building apps and products that made it easier for people to go out and have fun while exploring nature and life. The company was founded by Williams and Adam Michela, who previously worked at Gowalla, Dropbox, and Facebook.

Williams introduced Last in April 2014 in a separate Medium post and had only one product come out of the company: an emoji-based keyboard app called Goji that suggested places for people to go. Williams told TechCrunch in 2014 that Last’s focus was all about connecting mobile phones and physical location to improve the way users interacted with the world around them.

The company was the latest venture from Williams following his departure from Facebook in 2013. His location-based check-in startup Gowalla was acquired by the social networking company in 2012 for an undisclosed amount.

Last had raised $2.1 million from investors including Freestyle Capital, Founders Fund, Google Ventures, Greylock Partners, SV Angel, SherpaCapital, and many others.

There’s no word on what will happen with Goji, but it seems that Last’s website is no longer available.

Here’s William’s blog post:

The adventures of The Last Guide Company have come to a conclusion. Unfortunately, having failed to execute on our original vision, we recently made the decision to wind down the company. 😢

Though we were privileged to work with an amazing team of designers, creators, and engineers  —  and had the support of quality investors  — this particular mission simply did not find success. We’re grateful to all who supported this endeavor. ❤️

Onward! 🙌🏽