Otoy had plenty to show at this year’s SIGGRAPH, a convention for computer graphics.

The cloud graphics company showed off next-generation production pipelines designed to improve virtual reality, CG rendering, and augmented reality technologies. This included a navigable, room-sized light field rendering with animation in virtual reality. It also showed off a device that could do a 360 degree scan of a person and create virtual reality avatar of them. These technologies are especially important with virtual reality becoming a big focus of the gaming industry, with products like the Oculus Rift headset and Sony’s Project Morpheus in the works.

This tech could help create better digital avatars. This could be useful for sports games or social-based games where players are meant to interact with others online.

“Otoy has made astounding progress, taking breakthrough technologies we premiered at SIGGRAPH last year and productizing them into fully functional, future-ready production pipelines that anyone can use today,” said Jules Urbach, the founder and chief executive officer of Otoy, in a press release sent to GamesBeat. “The most demanding formats such as holographic light field rendering and 16K video are achievable today in an [economical] way, using existing tools. We’re proud to continue our tradition of graphics innovation, and will revolutionary capabilities in the hands of content creators everywhere.”

Otoy technologies like OctaneRender and OctaneRender Cloud power these technologies.