Note-taking app Evernote today announced that its redesigned web client is coming out of beta and rolling out to everyone over the next few weeks. The new look, featuring a chat function and a distraction-free writing mode, premiered last October.

The new look is meant to be “light, fast, and clear,” but as powerful as ever before, Evernote wrote in a Knowledge Base article¬†on the new features.

“We revisited every element of the user interface and concentrated on making things as streamlined as possible,” Jeremy Brand Yuan, head of marketing and communications at Evernote, wrote in a blog post on today’s launch. “Work happily in a clutter-free workspace that only shows you information when you want to see it. When navigating with the left sidebar, just click any of the icons to have your shortcuts, notebooks, or tags gracefully slide open.”

The launch comes a few days after Evernote announced that its Premium tier of service would be downsized from unlimited storage to 10GB per month. And recently Evernote replaced longtime chief executive Phil Libin with a former Google executive, Chris O’Neill.

Evernote, based in Redwood City, California, now has 150 million users. Evernote competes with Microsoft OneNote, among other apps, and its chat function brings it more in line with team communication apps like fast-growing Slack.