Along with a couple of big-screened phones, Samsung today announced a set of services to go with them. One of the new services is a Periscope-like live video service called Live Broadcast.

A user can shoot video with the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus or Galaxy Note 5 camera and stream the video live to another phone, tablet, or desktop computer. The broadcast stream can go out to an individual, a group of contacts, or even the public through YouTube Live.

Samsung puts a 7-second delay in the video in case the user happens to film something they don’t want to broadcast. The Note 5 or Edge Plus user can notify others of a broadcast by sending them a YouTube link.


Both of Samsung’s new phones also include a new feature called Ultra High Quality Audio (UHQA), which is designed to build dynamic range back into music that’s been compressed for streaming or downloading. UHQA is supported over Bluetooth on Samsung’s new wireless audio accessories.


The new phones also have a service called SideSync 4.0, a wireless and wired PC-smartphone integration that lets Samsung mobile and desktop devices share data, files, and services. The devices use auto-detection and quick setup features to instantly connect to other Samsung devices. For instance, a user might link her Note 5 to her PC or tablet to easily respond to text messages, or answer phone calls.

Samsung also said that the new Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge Plus will offer wireless charging, and will come pre-loaded with Samsung Pay mobile payments technology.