Correction: This article originally stated that Xbox One was also affected. That is not the case. I apologize for the error.

Xbox 360 players have had issues getting online with Microsoft’s Internet service since last night.

Xbox Live is down for many gamers around the world — although this outage is not affecting everyone. This is preventing people from accessing Web functions like online multiplayer and video services. Games like Destiny are kicking people out of live matches, and Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon are failing to load for many.

We’ve reached out to Microsoft for comment, and the company pointed us to its status page for Xbox Live in the United Kingdom. This confirmed that these troubles are only affecting Xbox 360 gamers in certain parts of Europe.

“We’re aware that some of you are having trouble connecting to Xbox Live,” reads the status page. “And we want you to know that we won’t stop working until everything is back to normal. We’re currently engaged with our friends who work with the European ISPs so that we can get everything straightened out as soon as possible. Thank you for staying patient while we work. We’ll update you again when we have more information.

Gamers on social media sites like Twitter have complained on social media about Xbox Live troubles for nearly 24 hours now. And those complaints have spiked in the last hour.

This is just the most recent outage for Xbox Live. The service has had major problems a number of times through July and August — although most of the disruptions end after a few hours. Likewise, Sony’s PlayStation Network has suffered repeated down times over the last two months.