No, Intel did not officially announce its much-anticipated new generation of Skylake PC chips at its developers conference in San Francisco today.

But it did let go of some key details about the specs and power of the chips, as well as a pointer to an official launch “in a couple of weeks.” The information was given in a conference session, reports PCWorld.

And the new processors are powerful. Intel executives said that Skylake can power three 4K monitors simultaneously.

Intel says Skylake — the sixth generation PC processors — will be able to handle more simultaneous input and output commands than former generations (Broadwell or Haswell CPUs). They also feature a “bigger and wider” core (although Intel didn’t say how many cores), and better power efficiency.

The new processor is also said to support an integrated camera ISP, extended overclocking capabilities, faster DDR memory, and advanced graphics processing.

No information was given on availability or pricing.

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