Get ready to spray some apartment walls in the new Splatoon map.

Flounder Heights joins the map rotation in Nintendo’s hit third-person shooter for Wii U at 7 p.m. Pacific tonight, August 20. It’s a map with large vertical walls to splat and ascend, seemingly based on the danchi housing complexes that the Japanese government built from the mid-1950s to the ’80s to help shelter a growing population.

Nintendo’s dropping regular new, free content into Splatoon to keep the multiplayer-focused title interesting to dedicated players and to encourage more sales of its creative new intellectual property. The strategy seems to be working as Splatoon has helped Wii U game sales climb by 10 percent compared to last year. Splatoon sold over 1.6 million copies worldwide by June 30, just over a month after its launch.

“Try as you might, you can’t ignore the apartment building in the middle of the map,” reads a post about Flounder Heights on the official Splatoon blog. “It stands like a gigantic wall, looming over the battlefield like an ominous, erm, an ominous … apartment building, I guess. Will you make your stand in a hail of ink on the rooftop? Will you try and sneak your way through the middle? Whatever your strategy, there’s no getting into enemy turf without getting past this monolith.”