If you’ve waited to get an Xbox One, then the gods of patience have a reward for you.

Microsoft revealed a new Xbox One bundle today. It comes with the system, a 1 TB hybrid drive, and the Xbox Elite controller. It does not come with a Kinect. It’ll retail for $500 when it comes out exclusively for GameStop and MicrosoftStore.com on Nov. 3.

A hybrid drive will work faster than the HDD that Xbox One’s have had before this. However, it is not an SSD (solid state drive, known for its speed and durability). Instead, it’s a mix between the two, containing a spinning disk similar to an HDD but also flash memory, which will allow many programs and functions to load faster. Previous Xbox One bundles have come with a 500 GB HDD.

The Xbox One Elite controller has an interchangeable D-pad, hair-trigger locks, and removable paddle buttons on the back. It’ll sell for $150 alone when it comes out on Oct. 27. A standard Xbox One controller costs $60.