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Say the word agile and the immediate association is dev teams. The very folks that are often at odds with their creative marketing colleagues. Colleagues who, yes, depend on those same dev teams to implement their ideas and designs while sometimes fighting them tooth and nail. But the days of oil and water may be coming to an end.

More and more, internal creative teams are realizing there’s something to learn from their process-driven, planning-centric partners.

Agile is making its way into the creative process — and internal design teams are finding it reduces the kind of grief and friction that comes with unending requests from various business stakeholders. In fact, it can make life easier. It helps creative teams get more things done. It can deftly manage expectations from others. And it can leave more time in the day so creative teams aren’t getting burnt out on evenings and weekends. What’s not to like?

But implementing agile and working in sprints is often a new concept for teams that see timesheets as part of the devil’s toolkit. There are important strategies to adopt to ensure agile gets integrated successfully — and so that teams see its value and sign on.

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In this webinar, you’ll hear how agile has worked from experts who are already reaping its benefits. Join Chief Martec’s Scott Brinker, Stewart Rogers from VentureBeat, and Dave Lesué from Workfront as we explain how marketing and creative teams can adopt IT’s best practices to best effect — without losing the creative and artistic elements that make them shine.

In this webinar, you’ll:

* Learn how top-performing marketing teams win by planning work in sprints
* Understand how to organize priorities strategically
* Discover how to prove your value as a creative team with continuous improvement
* Find out why agile methodologies are the key to driving results


Scott Brinker, CTO of Ion Interactive and
Stewart Rogers, Director, Marketing Technology, VentureBeat
Dave Lesué, Creative Director, Workfront