Hours ago the U.S. State Department released 7,000 new pages of emails from Hillary Clinton’s private server. The latest release, following Clinton’s alleged violation of U.S. record-keeping laws, reveals chitchat on Google, tech dinners, and details on Clinton’s 2010 Internet Freedom speech (ahead of which she said it was “a stretch” to call herself a “techie”).

You can search the contents of every censored, State Department-vetted email released so far here, in this FOIA database.

These documents hardly offer a glimpse at Clinton’s connections inside the tech industry — we may find out more as additional documents are released. For now, here’s a sampling of Clinton’s latest technology-related emails below, beginning with Google’s disinterest in sponsoring the 2010 USA Pavilion in Shanghai [emphasis ours].

Google has been wierd about this whole deal but this whole Espo experience has been fascinating. Some companies will say absolutely no for months (Qualcomm, Bloomberg, J&J) and then pop out of nowhere and say yes. Others like ATT are in for and then decide not to give us a penny. Therefore we have to keep bugging these guys.

This looks fine and makes me sound like a techie (which is good, albeit a stretch).

Given the proximity of this announcement to her internet freedom speech, she should probably be prepared to address it. I would hope that a way could be found to raise the issue.

Is Alec Ross going to be traveling with S to Saudi? If so, maybe he could do a meeting with a group of bloggers and/or online journalists.

With your blessing, we will build a new architecture of States who share our principles of Internet freedom and are committed to not just espousing those principles, but collaborating in measurably reducing the number of States that countervail the freedoms you outlined in your speech.