Google is making it easier to find great places to eat in the popular Google Maps app on iOS and Android. The Explore feature in the app will now show more specific and therefore more relevant restaurant recommendations.

The update to the Google Maps app is rolling out today, with users in the U.S. and the U.K. getting access to the updated Explore feature first, Google senior product manager Murali Viswanathan wrote in a blog post on the news today.

“Having the best local guide is great, but what’s better: having the best local guide for you,” Viswanathan wrote. “To do that, you’ve got to know where you’re going, the time of day for your meal, and what vibe you want. After all, the best spot for a quick bite alone may not be your top pick for a dinner with friends. With today’s Google Maps update, no matter the occasion — think Lunch nearby right now or Best spots for dinner with kids this weekend — you can be confident that Google Maps has you covered.”

The updated Google Maps Explore feature on Android.

Above: The updated Google Maps Explore feature on Android.

Image Credit: Google

Google can also give smarter restaurant recommendations based on where you and other people have gone.

“Google Maps may recommend a place that’s popular with other diners who visited a place you’ve been to in the past,” Viswanathan wrote.

The more personalized version of Google Maps follows the release of the fascinating but somewhat freaky Your Timeline feature in Google Maps for Android back in July.

The Explore feature made its debut in Google Maps in 2013.