We’re not getting Portal 3 yet, but Lego Dimensions will help to fill that puzzle-platform gap.

The highly anticipated toy/game hybrid — releasing on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Wii U on Sept 27 — includes a lot of Portal content with its starter pack. Although you won’t get a Portal character and gun to play with unless you buy the separate Portal 2 level pack, you can still guide the three starter characters — Batman, Gandalf, and Wyldstyle — around a series of Portal test-chambers. You’ll also encounter the GLaDOS and Wheatley A.I. systems on the way, producer Doug Heder explained to IGN.

Lego Dimensions is Warner Bros.’ big entry in the “toys-to-life” games category that’s generated revenue of over $4B to date through popular titles like Skylanders and Disney Infinity.

The Lego Dimensions starter pack includes nine test-chambers based on Valve’s Portal series. Warner Bros. had to build these chambers around the starter characters — none of whom carry a Portal gun. Heder likened these test-chambers to the first Portal title which released back in 2007. Instead of using a Portal gun, you can shift the Lego characters around on the physical portal that comes with the starter pack. This allows them to move around inside the game in order to help solve the test-chamber puzzles.

The starter characters will encounter GLaDOS, Portal’s malevolent, artificially intelligent computer system. Heder explained that it’s like meeting GLaDOS for the first time through the eyes of the Lego characters, who will also comes across the Wheatley A.I. system, voiced by comedian Stephen Merchant in Portal 2.

The Portal 2 level pack — available to buy separately at launch — gives you access to a Portal adventure world and a level based around Chell, the silent protagonist of the Portal series. Heder likened the test-chambers in that pack to Portal 2, explaining that the puzzles are largely based around using Chell’s Portal gun.