Super Mario Maker is brimming with possibilities, but not limitless possibilities.

While it’s true that you can make all kinds of crazy Super Mario Maker levels in the new Wii U game (and it’s fantastic), Nintendo decided not to include every single item and enemy from Super Mario history. Below, we’ve collected five things that we particularly wish were in the game — or that we hope Nintendo will include in the future.

5. The elevator platforms from Super Mario Bros. 1-2

Super Mario Maker gives you the capability to make the Mario stage of your dreams, but a lot of us are also going to want to make a perfect replica of courses from the original games. But here’s the thing: It isn’t possible to make an exact re-creation of level 1-2 of the Nintendo Entertainment System’s Super Mario Bros. That’s because you can’t make elevator platforms that constantly scroll off the screen and appear from the top. That’s a big part of one of the first stage of the first Super Mario Bros. game.


4. The angry sun from Super Mario Bros. 3

Scrolling elevators are a subtle omission for Super Mario Maker — but here’s possibly the least subtle enemy in all of the Mario universe: that horrifying, evil sun from World 2 of Super Mario Bros. 3. You know the one. He glares down at you from the sky for most of the level before swooping down in erratic patterns. I hate the sun! But I would love to unleash him on my friends, and this is one that I really hope we get in a future DLC pack.

angry sun

3. Chargin’ chucks

Super Mario Maker brings back most of the plumber’s most memorable baddies. You have goombas and koopa troopas, but it’s also missing some of the coolest as well. Most notably is Chargin’ Chuck, the baseball-throwing, football-pad-wearing enemies that you find throughout Super Mario World. Sure, Nintendo also left out Rexes and Shy Guys, but I miss Chargin’ Chuck the most.

chargin chuck

2. Secret exits

This one makes perfect sense. Super Mario Maker is all about building self-contained levels, so you don’t need things like secret exits that lead you to hidden levels. But one of the best things about Super Mario World and New Super Mario Bros. U is doing difficult and not always obvious platforming to find a secondary exit.

secret exits

1. Super Mario Bros. 3’s Frog suit, Tanooki suit, and Hammer suit

But more than anything, I miss the special suits from Super Mario Bros 3. Everyone remembers the super leaf that turns you into a flying raccoon, but the NES classic also had suits that turned Mario into a frog, a Japanese fox-racoon thing called a tanooki, and even a Hammer Bros. Each had their own special ability — Frog suit is good for swimming, Tanooki can turn invincible, and the Hammer suit could kill just about anything. I can imagine some really cool Mario Maker levels using those elements that I wish I could start making right now.

Hammer bros