Google today announced that the main URL for the Google Calendar web app will be changing. In the next few weeks, it will transition from to the simpler

But don’t freak out!

“Following the launch, the old Calendar url will simply redirect to the new one, so the overall impact of this change on Google Apps customers should be minimal,” Google noted in a blog post announcing the news.

(Update on Sept. 23: Google has delayed the URL switch. “Note that the rollout of this change to Rapid release domains has been pushed back to early October, with the rollout to Scheduled release domains to follow two weeks later,” the company wrote in a blog post today.)

Seriously, though, there are a few complications resulting from this largely cosmetic change on the part of Google and its new umbrella company, Alphabet. (And Google’s new logo probably matters more in the grand scheme of things.)

First, Chrome extensions that depend on the old Calendar URL might not work properly if developers don’t make the necessary updates. And second, people who elect to get “gentle notifications” from Google Calendar will have to give the app permission in order for it to work again under the new URL.

Google Calendar’s mobile apps won’t be affected by the URL change — which comes a few weeks after Google Hangouts got its own dedicated URL on the Web, at