You don’t need a console to enjoy interactive action figures.

Publisher Activision is revealing this morning that it will launch an iOS version of its Skylanders: SuperChargers game on October 25 in North America. This is the first time that the franchise, which started the trend of unlocking in-game action with real-world toys, will make its way to iPhone or iPod — although previous entries were on iPad. With this level of support for iOS, Activision can now reach younger gamers where they are spending most of their time: on smart touch-screen devices.

SuperChargers is the most recent annual installment of the massively successful Skylanders series. It introduces vehicles and racing to games that have typically relied on action and combat-based gameplay.

For iOS gamers looking to get in on that action, Activision is releasing the Skylanders: SuperChargers iOS Starter Pack. This comes with action figures, vehicles, and a Bluetooth portal for zapping the toys into the game.

The company is also bundling a standard joypad-style controller with dual analog sticks, multiple buttons, and a directional pad. That kind of control is likely necessary because this isn’t some watered-down, touch-only version of SuperChargers game. Activision says it is porting the full experience.