The recent avalanche of customer data has created a bounty for marketers. The ability to track every customer interaction across their lifetime has created a way to engage and convert like never before. But it’s also made marketers’ jobs a whole lot harder.

According to VB Insight’s recent report, The State of Marketing Analytics, there’s quite a bit of dissatisfaction when it comes to gathering and analyzing data, and turning it into action. While 67 percent of marketers say that big data is “very or critically important to the financial success of their firm“, almost half (46 percent) think their business partners (i.e. cloud-based data platforms) were not at all effective or not very effective at translating their team’s insights into actions or results. And this is based on data across every category of marketers, industry, company size, and budget.

Despite this negative view, 73 percent of brands plan to increase their investment in analytics over the next three years — and that number gets closer to 100 percent for market cap B2C companies.

So what’s a marketer to do? The current state of confusion and frustration is exactly why VB dove into marketing analytics in such detail — and developed a roadmap for change.

In this upcoming webinar, you’ll find there’s actually a lot to be optimistic about. VB Insight analyst Jon Cifuentes will be taking attendees through the most important take-aways of the report, including VB’s best bets from the hundreds of vendors and platforms available.

He’ll be joined by top data experts who will share their inside-track perspective on the best way to leverage analytics to actionable insights. If more data has just created more heartache, grief, or confusion for you, this is one webinar you do not want to miss.

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In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • The primary objectives for marketing analytics organizations today
  • An overview of the massively complex marketing data ecosystem. We counted 800+ vendors in use across 10 key marketing use cases
  • The top vendors available for every use case, who’s meeting expectations and who’s lagging
  • The types of advanced analysis your marketing organization needs to be investing in now to compete for customer relevance


John Cifuentes, VB Insight Analyst

Scott Beck, Master of Science in Customer Analytics, Xavier University
Mary Clark, CMO, Syniverse
Dmitri Williams, CEO, Ninja Metrics