I┬áhate two things about mobile phone gaming. One is playing a game using an onscreen gamepad. The other are the giant thumb smudges that build up, which I wind up having to peak around to see what’s going on.

GameVice found a solution to this problem, especially for those that are looking to preorder the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus (fourth quarter 2015 for $100), by designing a product that clamps the mobile device in the middle of two opposing halves of a gamepad controller. An analog stick and a D-pad sit on the left side, and a second digital stick and four face buttons (Y, X, A, and B) sit on the right. A set of bumper and trigger inputs sit on the top of both sides. On paper, this sounds like a good setup for a stubborn anti-touchscreen player like myself.

The GameVice is currently available for the iPad Mini for $100, but the company just announced that they are going to be releasing an iPhone 6-series compatible product later this year for $100 (this includes the newly announced iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus). They are also pushing out an iPad Air compatible version this October, also for $100.