Fans of XCOM gets a treat this weekend as preorder for XCOM 2, the turn-based strategy game from Firaxis is now available on Steam Store and select authorized retailers.

In fact, for a limited time you can grab XCOM 2 preorders at a discount of 23% off ($46.20) by using coupon SAVE23-WITHGM-GSEP15 during checkout.

Until this Sunday, gamers can also try out XCOM: Enemy Unknown for free on Steam. During the promotion, all related titles are on sale until Monday morning at up to 75% off.

This means the complete edition is on sale for $10, while the base game itself is $7.50. The expansion, Enemy Within is on sale for $7.49 – but if you enjoy the game during this weekend you may as well pay the extra $2.50 to grab the complete experience.

In XCOM 2, the experience is a little bit different as instead of fighting off invaders, you’ll be commanding a resistance force of sort to take back territory from the alien invaders. Levels are now procedurally generated vs. pre-rendered/set – so this will give it a bit of an edge in the replay-ability factor.

Releasing February 5th, the preorder discount above for XCOM 2 will last until tomorrow morning at 11AM Eastern.