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Everyone can relate to a recent experience Sam Wolf relayed to VentureBeat. “I got an email the other day from a fashion retailer introducing me to the latest fall dress line,” he said. “I was a little turned off — and unsubscribed from their email because I don’t need to continue to get these kind of promotions.”

Call it the kiss of death. The irrelevant, depersonalized, meaningless bumpf that alienates customers, depresses acquisiton, and increases churn. It’s something Wolf has been working years at to avoid with his own company, and knows it doesn’t have to happen, so it kind of irks him. He’s Vice President of Lucky Vitamin, a major ecommerce retailer whose mission is to help people live healthier lives through a vast inventory of products ranging from vitamins and supplements to skin care to organic foods.

As he explained, “How do you take 37,000 different products, put them all on a website, and then show the right products to the right customers at the right time?”

In this upcoming web event, Wolf will be joining VB’s Stewart Rogers, Director of Marketing Technology, and Talia Wolf, CEO of Conversioner, to explore the imperative for personalization today — and how to get there. Rogers will be sharing the most important findings from VB Insight’s latest report on personalization while our two panelists will be expanding on how personalization is dramatically — and urgently — shifting the marketing landscape.

For Wolf, that means dynamically adjusting both the on-site customer experience as well as off-site advertising based on a wide range of data points and customer touch points.

Using past purchase history, purchase patterns, search history, and other customers’ purchase patterns, “We’re able to identify what other customers have looked at or bought that are similar to those to help them find the right products,” says Wolf. That translates both to the web experience as well as advertising.

“If you show consumers the most relevant products of most interest to them, they’re naturally going to show more interest in our advertising — which ultimately gives us better performance and better return on the investment.”

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He also believes it’s vital to stay current on consumer trends, and leverage data to increase relevance to customers. “For example,” he explains, “Let’s say the non-GMO trend may be really popular in certain parts of Southern California. We’re able to leverage that information with customer location; we can look at customers who buy food products from us in that area — and then reach out to them with offers for similar types of food that may be in line with the new trend.”

However, the reality is that you can’t get to personalization heaven without some help from third-party angels. It’s an important part of why VB released its current personalization research — to help marketers make sense of of the morass of provider options available.

“We partner with a lot of third-parties,” Wolf says, and goes on to explain that this applies both to personalizing ads as well as to the on-site experience. “We’re always evolving. With personalization, you’re trying to replicate the kind of personal human engagement you’d find in a store where an employee can ask you exactly what you’re looking for and make recommendations. So if we can find technologies that help us personalize, we definitely do.”


In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How marketers are dropping bounce rates by 35 percent, increasing conversions by 46 percent, and raising revenues by 73 percent using personalization
  • Why personalization matters, the psychology behind it, and why marketing channels change how you use personal data
  • The gap between what is possible, and what is happening right now, to help you understand the opportunity


Stewart Rogers, Director of Marketing Technology, VentureBeat
Talia Wolf, CEO, Conversioner

Sam Wolf, Vice President, Lucky Vitamin

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