Grand Theft Auto V has had a number of performance issues that have made it run poorly, but it looks like Rockstar Games is finally past all that.

The open-world crime game got an update yesterday, and it has the game running like its old self again. This comes after weeks where the PC version of GTA V suffered through various kinds of graphical stuttering. These hiccups would cause the framerate to drop well below the 60 frames per second many gamers grew accustomed to. And the framerate hitching would happen at the weirdest times — like when your character was in cover or in a gun fight with the police. I’ve even seen the game stutter from jumping.

But now patch 1.29 is live, and we put the game to the test. I’m happy to report that — as far as we can tell — Rockstar has fixed the problem.

Watch the video we captured this morning where we fire from cover, get in a shootout with cops, and jump around like a crazy person. I’m not sure if this translates to the clip, but everything ran smoothly. Check it out for yourself: