As 2015 continues to release one massive triple-A hit after another, IndieCade wants us all to take a moment to look at some of the smaller stuff that also makes this medium great.

IndieCade Festival 2015 is coming to Culver City, Calif. October 23 through October 25, and this celebration of independent-game making will culminate with the annual awards ceremony. Today, the IndieCade organizers announced the 36 nominees for the awards. These titles span a wide number of genres and platforms including PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Wii U, PC, and more.

In a canned statement, IndieCade chief executive officer Stephanie Barish said that her company is “thrilled to celebrate the strongest, most creative lineup of independently developed games at the festival to date.”

But in addition to the nominees and the awards, IndieCade also pointed out that the upcoming event will feature a number of training sessions and resources to encourage the next generation of creators.

“This year we will fearlessly tackle topics that will push the boundaries of design, discuss intimacy and consent, and explore all of the unique viewpoints and diversity of independent games,” said Barish.

IndieCade tickets are on sale now, and you can purchase them here.

And here is the full list of nominees: