Adventure time is becoming VR time.

Cartoon Network announced today that it has launched its first virtual reality title, Adventure Time: Magic Man’s Head Games. It’s out now for Samsung Gear VR. It’s a 3D platformer.

The virtual reality market is still relatively young, with the Samsung Gear VR (which turns the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 smartphone into a virtual reality screen) being one of the few headsets currently available to consumers. However, big companies like PlayStation (PlayStation VR) , Facebook (Oculus Rift), and Valve (Vive) are all buying into the technology. Augmented reality/virtual reality mergers and acquisitions advisor Digi-Capital estimates that virtual reality will be a $30 billion market by 2020.

The Adventure Time cartoon has inspired games on mobile and console platforms. According to Cartoon Network, Adventure Time mobile games — including Rock Bandits, Card Warriors, Puzzle Quest, Jumping Finn Turbo, Sky Safari, Time Tangle, Treasure Fetch, Game Wizard, and Appisond — have accumulated over 17.5 million total downloads.

You can check out a trailer for Adventure Time: Magic Man’s Head Games below.